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All sitesAll sites begin with planning. Don’t miss this crucial step. Consult with professionals who can give you the best info on usibility.We Can Help.

Clean, Professional Graphic Design
What seperates a great first impression from a bad one is what people see. Make sure your graphics are top of class.We Can Help.

Proper Programming & Excecution

There is nothing more offputting than a missing page
or an error message. Make sure your site works and
works well. We Can Help.

Search Engine Optimization

A beautiful well-working site matters little if it isn’t
found. It is crucial that your site be optimized for
great rankings on search engines. We Can Help.

Peripheral Marketing

Use other means of advertising to drive people to your site. For example brochures and stationery; newspaper and magazine ads; vehicle ads; etc. We Can Help.

East Coast Internet, a premier Internet consulting firm, offers flexible search engine marketing plans suitable for all types of businesses, including SEO Plans for newly developed web sites, SEO plans for redesigned web sites, and SEO Plans for small, midsize and large companies. With an experienced staff of search engine marketing consultants, East Coast Internet will connect your business to the world!

Basic SEO Start-Up Plan

Get us involved right from the start, with market targeting and domain choice.

Bronze SEO Plan

Affordable search engine optimization plan suitable for sole proprietors or small businesses in niche markets and non-competitive areas of search engine rankings.

Silver SEO Plan

Most suitable for the clients of a small-to medium-sized web designer or web hosting company.

Gold SEO Plan

For small to midsize businesses seeking big improvements.

Platinum SEO Plan

Designed for midsize to large companies who are looking to establish their web site as the #1 leader in their industry.

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